Projects I have shot and edited for McKinney Main Street.

A Youtube playlist of some of the production work I have done for Eugene, Cascades, and Coast.

Testimonial and Promotional Videos

  • Update:  Project Completed August 2012.
  • Client: Sanoviv Medical Institute
  • Project: Shoot and assemble various testimonial videos and promotional videos for internet social network distribution.
  • Role: Media Manager, Camera operator, and editor.
  • Dates: April 1st 2011 to August 2012
  • Web:

Travel Lane County Marketing Videos

  • Update:  Project Completed March 5th 2011.
  • Client: Travel Lane County
  • Project: Four videos targeting specific demegraphics for promoting Lane County as a conferance, business, and leasure dstination.
  • Role: Camera operator and editor
  • Dates: July 24th 2011 to March 5th 2012
  • Web:

The Small Farmers Project

  • Update:  Project Completed October 1st 2011.
  • Client: Huerto De La Familia (The Family Garden)
  • Project: Web Documentery
  • Role: Camera operator
  • Dates: Feburary 20th 2011 to October 1st 2011.
  • Web:

Eugene Water and Electric Board

  • Update:  Project Completed October 18th 2011.
  • Client: EWEB
  • Project: Public safety awareness videos for general public, emergency services, contractors, and school children education.
  • Role: Camera operator and editor
  • Dates: December 22nd 2010 to October 18th 2011.
  • Web:

Visitor Industry Celebration Annual Dinner Videos

  • Update:  Project Completed June 14th 2011.  See videos below.

Award Winners

And if you haven't seen the Eugene, Cascades & Coast award winners, check out the videos on the Eugene, Cascades & Coast YouTube Channel.


  • Client: Travel Lane County
  • Project: Video highlights of businesses and/or organizations deserving recognition for going the extra mile in promoting Tourism or enriching Lane County as a tourist destination.
  • Role: Camera operator and editor
  • Dates: April 8th 2011 to June 14th 2011.
  • Web: