First and foremost video remains unchallenged as the most effect communication medium to date. Countless studies over the decades has established this unchanged fact. What has changed is how we consume and interact with video. We are consuming more and more video year over year on mobile devices. Brands are interacting with customers and customers are interacting with brands in ways never imagined before. Fortune 500 corporations to small businesses are experiencing tremendous growth via new media. What's exciting is that the "new" rules have not been written in stone. The rules to this new era of marketing are still being written today. It is exciting times to be a small business. There are ample opportunities to reach your audience. 

New Media

A New Model

I have redefined my business model to accommodate small business budgets. Lets talk about it. Contact me now!

One Man Band


I am a one man band. I can do it all (almost) ; ). I can shoot and edit beautiful professional video. I preform the duties of a director, DP, gaffer, grip, sound recordist, editor, colorist, and more. This keeps your cost down.


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I understand the YouTube platform and know how to utilize it's capability to the fullest. I guarantee you will be impressed with the possibilities. Contact me now for a free consultation. Together we can make your small business stand out!